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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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vision. >> reporter: the president also spoke to foley's parents heart broken over their son's murder. >> we just had no idea, you know. >> how much it affected the world. he lived in such a positive way. >> reporter: foley was working as a photo journalist covering civil war in syria when he was kidnaped in november 2012 friend say he was a journalist and humanitarian. >> he dedicated his life to tell the story, to tell the suffering of the syrian people. >> reporter: john and diane foley says james was strong and courageous. >> he was just a hero. >> reporter: president obama says u.s. will continue to confront islamic extremist group, pentagon confirmed more than a dozen new strikes on isis targets near iraq's mosul dam on wednesday. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". situation in iraqis constantly unfolding. count on "eyewitness news" and cbs news for the most accurate information available. the also look for latest
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anytime at cbs well, our stretch of sunny weather business to come to an end, clouds are moving in right now and we're tracking threat of storms over the next couple of days. meteorologist kate bilo is standing by outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with more on what we can expect, kate. >> thanks, chris. this is same line of storms that rolled through williamsport just before the taney dragons game and as the math rivers will tell us there was a weather delay there. we will see if the storms will impact that game. good news is they seemed to have moved out of williamsport and they are weakening as they get here. let look at what is going on outside. we will go tout storm scan three. you can see showers and thunderstorm off to the west right now but most of these are weakening moving in just watching an area just north of berks county right now where you can see showers intensified. see southern edge of the the line has lighter green shading and weak evening in to lancaster county. we are looking at a threat for scattered showers. this area is what i'm most
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concern about still north and west of the berks county seeing some steady rain near pottsville region and that could move in the lehigh valley and have a bit more steady showers associated with this. so definitely something to keep an eye out for if you are out and about this evening especially in the lehigh valley. showers could survive even here in philadelphia notice how everything falls apart a little bit here later tonight future wet they are model has showers right over philadelphia around 8:00, even they they are scattered you cannot rule them out tonight and certainly tomorrow once again we will have have another chance for showers and storms to bloom in the afternoon and evening. on our way to a cool spell and cloudy conditions, friday into the weekend, i will have latest seven day forecast in just a bit. for now chris back inside to you. we certainly can't let weather derail taney dragons in their quest for a world series title. team takes a field in just a couple hours from now and this will be arguablably be their toughest game yet. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers is with the team and families in south
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williamsport. let's start with the mess important thing, how is the weather out there. >> reporter: chris, weather is clearing up a little bit but there was an hour and a half rain delay in the game behind me now between japan and south korea, they did start that game around 4:30 p.m. while those two teams battled it out up in the stands everybody is talking about taney's star pitcher w crowds like these would you think there was some 13 year-old phenom set to pitch. oh wait. >> who are you here to see. >> mone. >> reporter: mone davis to be exact but taney's star pitcher is so famous her last name is not necessary. >> she's amazing, can't say anything other than she's amazing. >> she's an awesome pitch are for guy or girl, you look at what she's doing it is incredible. >> reporter: incredible, a nation, inspiring all adjectives typically found when talking about the 13 year-old who has her own personal golf cart here the only way she can get around the complex without being mobbed by the fans. >> showing that girls can participate in sports and
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stuff. >> reporter: be better than the boys. >> yes exactly. >> good to see women in sports. very influential for young girls to see this happen. >> reporter: davis and her 07-mile an hour fast ball are set to pitch begins a quality team from nevada. she will trout out to the mound neglect thousands of supporters got her back. >> she's cool, calm and collected. she's inspiring. >> reporter: tonight's game is still undecided but she has the popularity contest all wrapped up. as for philly's game tonight it is scheduled to go on time. it was scheduled to start at 7:30. it looks like it will go off on time. one little league world series official said that could change depending on how long it take the the game going on behind me to finish up. live from williamsport, matt rivers cbs-3 "eyewitness news". enjoy the action, we will see you later on. >> taney's biggest fan michael nutter will cheer on the team at a city hall watch party tonight. here's pregame analysis.
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>> they have las vegas tonight, a couple of sluggers on their team, on the other hand we have mone. >> mayor mentioned that there will be a celebration for the team, whenever they come home. we have a special story for you tonight at 6:00 o'clock baseball legend is talking about in mone davis and her teammates. our pat ciarrocchi talking with one of the last surviving members of the philadelphia stars negro league team and you will want to hear his unique take on this group of philadelphia kids. again, dragons are on the field against las vegas tonight at 7:30. we will have another live report from williamsport on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 and on our late newscast at both 10:00 o'clock and 11:00. a nasty three car crash involving an ambulance landed six people in the hospital this morning. chopper three was over that scene just after 8:30 at corner of chew avenue and east washington lane. the crash also damaged a building that houses a laundry
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math and several apartments. people lived in those units are not allowed back inside until repairs can be made. police are investigating what caused that crash. pennsylvania's attorney general katherine keen rolled out a new tool to catch child predators and she says it will help police catch these people and get them off the streets faster. our jan carabao now with how it works. >> reporter: a warning to child predators: the the eyes of law enforcement are watching you. >> these creeps need to know that we will financially keep up with them by buying tools necessary. >> reporter: latest tool will show up at your doorstep in the mobile forensic lab not only outfitted with the police gear but more importantly the the technology that can process digital evidence on the spot. >> we never have to leave the scene of the crime. >> reporter: with this mobil lab essentially allows investigators to do is simultaneously interview suspects in the back while analyzing their digital information up front. cell phone, computers and
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other electronics plugged in here ready for review. >> it takes us three to four hours to identify the evidence the and the suspect and have an arrest. >> reporter: dramatic improvement, many times in the past it would take investigators at best a day to make an arrest at worst months. >> we'd have to go back and do forensic back in the lab and predator would stay in the street. >> they with take six to eight months depending on who it was that was doing the crime. >> reporter: now evidence is not only processed on the scene but wirelessly sent right back the to the traditional lab. >> this is first of its type with that state of the art computer networking. >> reporter: the fleet will soon expand. smaller version capable of fitting philadelphia street are coming soon so criminals will in where to hide. jane carabao, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". mayor nutter and other philadelphia city officials could be called to testify about the 22nd and market building collapse. contractor griffin campbell and equipment operator sean benschop are facing third degree murder charges in that
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case. today defense attorneys submitted their witness list and first name on that list is mayor nutter. the attorneys say they are not implying that the marries responsible for the tragedy. >> i have always asserted my client was a scape goat. if he was a scape goat there are people in the higher ups that know what is going on. the mayor and through his e-mails can produce any information of other officials who knew what was going on and had more control of the buildings and facilities that would definitely help our case. >> the the mayor had no comment on being called as a witness in this case. six people died when that building under demolition collapsed on to a salvation army store last year. at ward winning delaware restauranter matt haley has died from injuries that he suffered in the motorcycle crash in asia. police in northern india say haley a's motorcycle collided with a truck. he was there on a six week humanitarian mission. haley owned several restaurants in delaware and recently won for his humanitarian work. matt haley was 53 years old.
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some frightening moments ahead for people eating at a sidewalk cafe still to come here on the broadcast watch as a car jumps a curve and head for a group of diners. >> avoiding crashes like that and others could be easier we will tell you why more cars could soon be talking to one another and how that could keep you safer. plus a former president joins in and takes the the als ice bucket challenge and wait until you hear how former president george w. bush tapped to do i
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with a big surprise for people eating in california, watch as a car nearly plows into them after a chip reaction crash. this was actually the end result of the police pursuit. four people in two cars were injured with one person at that restaurant but no one was seriously hurt. pope francis expressed his thanks today for prayers he has received following the death of his nephew's wife and their two young boys in the car crash. that crash happened in the pontiff's native a argentina yesterday. according to the pope his nephew is in critical condition. the pontiff made his comments at the vatican today. he also asked audience there to pray for communities in asia, that he met during a six day trip to south korea. more and more cars have technology helping drivers avoid accidents but the government still says nearly 1100 lives could be saved every year if cars could only talk to each other. three on your side consumer
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reporter jim donovan looks at the push to bring that technology to more vehicles. >> reporter: car accident kill more than 30,000 people every year. vehicles equipped with v2v are expected to save lives. on board dedicated short range radio communication devices would transmit messages about a vehicle's speed, brake status and direction. in this demonstration, two cars up the driver is about to slam on his breaks. we cannot see it but the the car can. with the release of this 300 page national highway traffic safety administration report the the government is taking a step forward that another plan could man dade v to v in new cars at $345 per vehicle. in the report researchers conclude that v to v devices could work on actual roads with regular drivers but clarence dit the low with the center for auto safety does in the believe it addresses what he believes is the greatest danger to drivers.
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>> most accidents are single vehicle, crashes it is not a head on crash between two vehicles that is the the most common. >> now he says v to v technology does not involve exchanging or recording personal information or tracking vehicle movements and that information sent between two vehicles does not identify those vehicles but contains basic safety data but or not convinced and there remains concerns about privacy issues. >> well, technology does a lot of things if it can save their lives. >> interesting, we will keep you posted. >> jim, thanks very much. good evening, everyone a very busy day lets get right down to it. traveling on the vine street expressway we are dealing with an accident in the eastbound direction taking out left-hand lane and causing a major problem for schuylkill commuters as well. anyone trying to get to i-95 you will be in the heat of the residual volume westbound on the vine street expressway, also delayed, practically
5:15 pm
between broad street and schuylkill and once you get there. we are dealing with the disabled vehicle on the westbound side of the platt bridge making your way down towards the airport. phillies game just end not too long ago so that will affect folks trying to head out of south philadelphia and maybe make their way in delaware county westbound on the platt, one lane of traffic gets by and really rush hour all over the place. nineteen on the schuylkill. sixteen on i-95. twenty-four on 476. if you are traveling on 422 westbound right around route 100 we have an accident there compromising a lane so lots going on, chris. thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" a giant rubber duck invades the the west coast. the question is, what is this guy doing? take a closer look, beasley. biggest test of the tournament for taney dragons they play within of the best hitting teams in the the little league world series tonight at 7:30. mone davis on
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avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you purchase or lease a new 2014 turbo model. 1600 young men and women in the class of 2018 arrived on campus today. they spent their day moving their belong to their new home away from home. their new student orientation continues through sunday. well, it is move in day for students at widener university. "eyewitness news" there as upper class man faculty and staff helped new students get settled in for the new academic year. with an ice cream social, this
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afternoon. well, mayor nutter with several city council members received a thank you plaque from work ready philadelphia today. they were honored for city's investment of more than seven million-dollar to the youth and employment and mentor program. >> there is no reason in the world that kids in philadelphia, kids in the city, and in all kinds of neighborhoods all a across the city of philadelphia, can't do any number of really great things. when adults step forward and do the right thing. >> this year more than 7,000 summer work experiences were created for young people in our region. back to those students and moving in, a great day at least a great morning or early afternoon to pack your things. >> don't carry your luggage and get soak in the meantime. >> always a good thing. i think up at penn state my alma matter they had flooding rains up there today. >> whole different story for them as a line of showers and storms moved through. this is same line we are tracking here this evening.
5:20 pm
lets look outside. i want to show you a few cameras here areas off to the north and west where clouds are starting to build in after sunshine touring the day. we are seeing showers and storms start to move a little further east. kutztown area middle school we are seeing a cloudy sky overcast, looks dry, kids are still outside on the soccer field. 78 degrees in kutztown at the moment. lets take another look at reading berks county at whitefield elementary school. sky darkening up. here's why storm scan three shows showers and storms, same line that moved through central pennsylvania through state college area through williamsport cause ago this delay for little league world series and moving east but notice it weakening. we are seeing clouds moving in so rest of this evening, even here in the city clouds on the increase but showers and storms not as strong as they were off to the west. i don't expect we will see flooding rains here. heavier rain is just north of the berks county along i81 corridor heading up toward poconos. these are weakening as well
5:21 pm
but few heavier showers could get in the lehigh valley and poconos through tonight, in the seeing a whole lieutenant of lightening and thunder, at the moment just some showers temperatures still nice and warm we are at 84 degrees at the airport. eighty-two trenton millville. cooler down the shore. we are keeping things in the upper 70's for this evening. the lets look at that taney dragons forecast can't rule out a stray shower or storm but it looks like mostly moving east so i think it will be cloudy steamy tonight. 74 degrees when game gets started. they are on a bit of the delay. pattern starts to go downhill. been i great start to the week. the as we head in the rest of the week it will be a bit more hit or miss. i don't think thursday or friday is a total downpour or wash out every where but showers and storms will pop up on thursday showers still possible through the forecast on friday and this storm tries to push back saturday but clouds will hang on and still we cannot rule out a shower especially early in the day. quick look the at future weather, showers and storm break out, scattered showers
5:22 pm
tomorrow afternoon continuing through the evening. they are not every where. friday we will wake up to showers and it starts to push westward throughout the course of the day and perhaps clearing later friday evening and into saturday still some showers around and clouds hang around with the brightening perhaps in the late afternoon hours. bit of unsettled pattern setting up here throughout the rest of the week. lets talk about the eagles on thursday taking on the steelers. it will be a chance for a shower again they are spotty. they will get game in fine at the link. kick off temperature there for tonight we are looking at 68 for the low, mostly cloud which a couple of showers possible and for your thursday mostly cloud which scattered showers and thunderstorms, in the afternoon and evening the high 83 which is below average. speaking of below average friday we are back to 80, clouds showers especially early in the day. saturday stays mostly cloudy late day brightening but highs don't make it past the 70's. your seven day in a bit.
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>> the fightings looking to win the series from the mariners. cole hamels got the start. he went five innings giving up three runs on nine hits and struck out four. the game was died in the fourth. chase utley his blooper will fall in for a hit. jimmy rollins scored from second on the play and phillies took the lead. jonathan papelbon got his save of the season. the phillies beat seattle four to three. >> they real dollar have the taney fever.
5:26 pm
>> it's a big game tonight. a lot of eye balls on taney dragons. >> still to come at 5:30, the latest from ferguson missouri. attorney general eric holder heads there as protests over the death of michael brown continue. >> and turning to prayer. they're jobs on the chopping block thousands of casino workers expected to gather hoping faith will save their jobs. >> then, an "eyewitness news" exclusive at 6:00. >> among the very first on the scene as the philadelphia police officer is wounded a catholic priest right at his side throughout all of the frightening moments. he shares his story for the
5:27 pm
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i'm chris may. here's some of the days top stories for you. a car crash noose an northeast philadelphia deli. this happened less than an hour ago at steve stein' famous deli near bustleton and grant. one person we know has been taken to the hospital. a crew is on the scene. we'll hear from them in just a bit. a visibly angry president obama condemns the execution of the american journalist jim foley. he was beheaded on video tape by the islamic terror group known as isis. >> and the taney dragons are playing tonight. a win means philadelphia's favor rhett little league team will advance to the us final of the little league world series.
5:30 pm
>> kate? >> and it looks like the showers have cleared out of williamsport just in time for tonight' game but unfortunate unfortunately we've got showers trying to creep into our area tonight. they'll be generally scattered but we will be tracking them on storm scan3. we're tracking a cooler weekend as temperatures my not make the out of the 70s at least one day this weekend. but nice weather next week. i'll have your full seven day forecast coming up in just bit. chris? >> kate, thank you. >> the attorney general eric holder is in ferguson missouri at this hour. his goal to oversee the federal investigation into the deadly police shooting of an unarmed teenager. all this as protesters ask for special prosecutor in the case. correspondent marley hall is on the ground in ferguson. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside the prosecutor' office as a grand jury began hearing evidence in the deadly police shooting of an unarmed teenager in ferguson missouri. >> they will have absolutely everything that there is, every piece of paper every photograph
5:31 pm
photograph. >> reporter: prosecutors expect it will take the grand jury until mid october to decide whether officer darrin wilson should be charged with killing michael brown. some protesters are calling for the removal of prosecutor bob mccullough because of his ties to police. his father was killed in the line of duty 50 years ago. >> the da needs to step down because he can't be unbiased. you know, he has cousins and family members on the police force. >> i think he's too close at the case. >> reporter: but mccullough says losing his father only made him more compassionate and he does not plan to step aside. >> i know the pain that the brown family is going through right now. >> we want to help as best we can. >> reporter: u.s. attorney general eric holder is in ferfer gus son meeting it were the community and getting a first hand look at the federal investigation into brown's death. the shooting has triggered more than a week of violence in the predominantly black suburb. last night some protesters through bottles and police used pepper spray.
5:32 pm
but it was more subdued than previous nights. in clayton missouri, marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> stay with were the news for the latest on the unrest in ferguson and remember you can find the latest any time at well hostage standoff in suburban chicago is finally over tonight. police entered the house in harveyly now this morning. made two arrests. they say two children and two women who were being held were not injured. four other children were released later last night. the standoff began yesterday afternoon had police responded that a report of a burglary. the suspects exchanged gunfire with police and then barricaded themselves inside. two officers suffered minor wounds. >> a california hospital is testing one person for the ebola virus tonight. that person is in isolation at keiser south sacremento medical center. all the hospital will stay right now that it is working with public health officials and the
5:33 pm
cdc to determine if this is ebola. it's not releaseing any information on the person who may have the disease. meanwhile the death toll from the ebola outbreak in west africa has now topped 1200. >> the recent deadly shooting of a three year old in philadelphia has people calling for action tonight. they say it could have been prevented if philadelphia had mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of illegal guns. "eyewitness news" reporter syma choudhry is live in grays ferry with more on this story new at 5:00. syma? >> reporter: that's right. da seth williams and other officials held a press couldn't friend to bring attention to a bill that is sitting in the state house and senate. they say this legislation could prevent shootings like the one that took place here in edding street that left a little girl dead. >> we know that those carry illegal firearms in philadelphia do so because they intend on harming others. >> reporter: philadelphia district attorney seth williams
5:34 pm
fired up about bill that he says could have prevented a shooting death of a three year old girl. the girl was sitting on porch getting her hair braided earlier this month when she was allegedly shot in the chest by brandon ruffin many police say ruffin shot a man he was feuding with in the process he hit the girl township other innocent bystanders. rough fin has criminal record and was back on the streets just weeks before the shooting. >> having previously been convicted of carrying a firearm without a license. >> reporter: william says, the legislation sitting in the house and senate could have kept ruffin behind bars. the bill would make carrying guns illegally in philadelphia a punishable crime with a mandatory minimum two year prison sentence and $100,000 bail. >> we'll keep in you custody until your trial for just unlawfully carrying gun. >> reporter: legislation was introduced last year. it's been supported by many local officials including the district attorneys in the surrounding counties. >> crime doesn't stop at the
5:35 pm
borders of delaware county or chester county. unfortunately we share many of the same individuals. >> reporter: officials say there is no reason why this bill shouldn't pass because it doesn't affect law a boying citizens. >> it should not have any opposition from any special interest group. >> reporter: again the legislation sits in the state house and senate right now the lawmakers are in the summer session. but they will reconvene september 15th. we're live in grays ferry syma choudhry cbs-3 oy were the news. >> syma, thank you very much. the search underway tonight for the article robber who target add limo driver in philadelphia. detectives did you haved the car for fingerprints this morning along the 2700 block of tyson street in grays ferry. police say that the suspect got away with about $200. >> three atlantic city casinos we know will shut down in just a matter of weeks leaving thousands of people out of work. and tonight some of those facing unemployment are turning to
5:36 pm
prayer. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mcclaren is live in atlantic city where vigil is about to get underway. noel. >> reporter: about a thousand people are expected to gather here between the revel and showboat casinos in about an hour. they're turning to their faith for the final plea for help. >> prayer at a casino may sound sacrilegious 8,000 worker at revel and showboat say turning to god is last hope they have. >> we have hindu priest coming tonight. we have a monk. we have iman. we have a jewish rabbi. and a christian pastor as well. >> reporter: with less than two weeks until guests diss app per from the closing casinos employees are gathering here on the boardwalk to pray for answers as they lose their jobs. >> we want to make it clear tonight is a prayer service and not a funeral for the city. we're thinking about the future and we're very hopeful. >> reporter: hardships felt inned side the casinos are trickling down the boardwalk.
5:37 pm
on to the streets. cab drivers tell "eyewitness news" their pick ups are slowing down with fewer guests at revel and show bott. >> cab business is dead. only weekend. only friday are saturday. >> reporter: despite the grim on the look ahead, cabbies and casino work considers tell us they're searching for the silver lining and are hoping for atlantic city's big rebirth. >> maybe it's a testing for south jersey and maybe it's a tomb for us to reinvent ourselves and rebrand ourselves. >> we still have very good story to tell. the mistakes that were made weren't made by the workers or the citizens they were made by people that were here for the short haul. >> reporter: showboat is set to close august 31st. revel right behind it on august 2nd. live in atlantic city, noel mcclaren cbs-3 "eyewitness news" news". >> good evening everyone. still rush hur is in full swing but i have good news earlier disable vehicle earlier on the
5:38 pm
draw point bridge cleared earlier accident on the vine street expressway eastbound has been cleared around the parkway. so now we're just dealing with residual delays from those incidents some phillies traffic from earlier game letting loose now and also rush hour. november southbound is delayed i would say from south philly all the way down through at the blue route. watch out for high volume around the ballpark in either direction and the walt whitman bridge. as we take look at the schuylkill expressway westbound you're just jam packed and i'll good i was better idea of how you're jam packed we take look at our wide dropping down to 14 miles per hour and it's not just one sided. eastbound and westbound within your western suburbs and then also around downtown philadelphia. 23 on 95. 19 on 476. so just expect slow downs all over the place. chris? >> have you that are ya, thank you many still to come on "eyewitness news" how your child's cold could lead to more serious potentially deadly medical issues. our health reporter instead of 93 stall has the story you don't want to miss. and the trick that led to tears. we'll have more on this piece of
5:39 pm
magic that caused this young boy to melt down. it >> kate. >> that's so mean. we're hacking showers and storms outside this evening. they are fizzling as they arrive in our area but the nice dry stretch is coming that close. i'll tell when you more showers
5:40 pm
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♪ >> macy's has agreed to pay 650 to us season dollars fine to settle allegations of racial profiling made by some shoppers. the retailer will also hire a full-time security monitor and designate an independent expert to mick sure stores are complying with the i remembers of the settlement. new york' top general started that investigation after receiving complaints from dozens of shoppers. those shoppers said that they were suspected of shoplifting and detained even though they hadn't stolen any merchandise.
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>> take a look what's trending on the web today. another giant duck popping up former president taking the ice bucket challenge and a kid falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book. the giant duck showing up today in the port of los angeles harbor. tall ship festival. the duck is actually a project by dutch artist who appeared in australia taiwan and japan. always love seeing him. >> former president george w. bush taking the ice bucket challenge and he got doused. >> i do not think it's presidential for me to be
5:46 pm
splashed with ice water so i'm simply going to write i was check. >> owe! >> that check is for me. i don't want to round my hairstyle. >> the former first lady getting the last laugh. >> president bush passed on the challenge to former president bill clinton and finally today little boy's reaction being trick a going viral this is jack foal cher melting down after his dad stole his ear. things only get worse when dad takes that little boy's nose as well. fortunately, though jack is still in one piece we hope he's recovered from all of this. we want to know what you think about that story. and all of our trending topics today. john our conversation on both facebook and twitter. >> now, it's time for a check of the forecast. let's go over to kate. >> thank you chris. i got much different reaction when i tried that on my son. he said that's your finger mom
5:47 pm
i'm over this joke. let's go outside. a few clouds trying to drift in across the city right now after what has been a beautiful day. lots of sun out there again today this nice dry sunny stretch is ending unfortunately with the threat for showers and storms moving back into the row john. you can see this line of storms that went through central pennsylvania earlier today delayed things at the little league world series in williamsport. now heading our way and you can see behind it a few showers and storms are still popping up. so in williamsport they're not completely out of the clear yet. here's williamsport the heaviest rain has moved east but a few of these scattered stray showers could still move through something to watch for the taney dragons tonight. notice how the showers are really dealing out as they move into you are he john. just a stray shower possible this evening. the storm down here really kind of taking the energy and bringing the down south of d.c. but we are still seeing some steadier showers trying to move toward the lehigh valley you can see right here the lehigh valley and up toward the pocono he john an area that may see some steadier rain here not much but a steadier shower or two over the next couple of hours. take look what we can expect again scattered showers through
5:48 pm
the rest of this evening and notice they're not everywhere. this particular model wants to bring one right over philadelphia at 8:00 p.m. wasn't sure if that's going happen or not. it's an indication you should plan for it no matter where you are pop up shower could hit you at any time. if you'll be out and about tonight just watch out. there's that one over the poke 93 region. that clears out but tomorrow still unsettled. showers and storms could pop up any time. here's 7:00 a.m. few light showers but in the afternoon more shower and thunderstorm activity to contend with. in the meantime temperatures remain warm we're at 84 degrees at the airport. it's 82 in trenton. 83 degrees in allentown. 81 in reading. certainly not as hot as it could be this time of the year as this next storm moves in we'll keep temperatures on the cool side through the remainder of the week. so storms slowly drifting in here as we get into thursday. thursday scattered showers and storms. especially in the evening and into the overnight. friday looks like more showers will pop up again especially from the city on west into the afternoon. and then this storm slowly very slowly migrates to the south mostly cloudy on saturday, can't rule out morning shower. we'll try to get some
5:49 pm
brightening in later on saturday but it's not going to be the best start to the weekend. also want to talk to you about tropical trouble. tropical satellite i'll head back to that watching that is area of disturbed weather right now just a disturbance what we call an invest but current models are actually trying to take this over the caribbean and eventually toward florida. some are trying to spin it out into the atlantic but others bring it right into south florida as we get into the start of next week. so we will continue to keep a very close eye on that system and its potential. overnight tonight mostly cloudy showers possible, 68 degrees for you thursday mostly cloudy with stray shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. 83 will be our daytime high. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, shower or storm again thursday, friday clouds and showers around and 80. saturday we're at 78 mostly cloudy still and then brightening and warming sunday monday and into the middle of next week. >> couple of stories to tell you about tonight on the cbs-3 health watch. one related to an antibiotic and
5:50 pm
heart issues. other concerns children and strokes. three on your side health reporter instead of 93 stall brings us those stories now. stephanie. >> two things we thought we shall tell you about today. this first one comes to us from the cad -- american academy of neurology. and it links strokes to a common ailment. children get colds and respiratory infections all the time. that may temporarily increase their risk for a stroke according to new research. >> shocking and not surprising. >> sarah long infectious disease special live at saint christopher's hospital for children says the risk of a cold triggering a stroke is very small. the connection is believed to be an inflammatory response caused by respiratory infections. >> the by product of that is that it may cause the blood vessels to march row little bit or it may cause the flow in the blood vessels to fall very brief period of time. rt also on the health watch antibiotic is associated with deaths from heart problems
5:51 pm
according to a new danish study. it is used to treat common bacterial infections it belongs to group of antibiotics that can interfere with electrical activity in the heart muscle. >> patients with heart problems are the ones who should be most aware of this adverse effect. >> researchers say the risk of the drug causing harder problems is small. noting all antibiotics carry some potential dangers. and the fda warned patients last year about another common antibiotic. it's said the antibiotic could contribute to a deadly irregular heartbeat especially in patients with heart problems. of course any patient who's have concerns about any of those drugs need to tuck their doctors before making any changes. >> absolutely. always know what you're putting in your body for sure. stephanie thank you very much. >> well today the guiness book of world records certified a january pap niece man as the oldest man alive. 111 year old man received his certificate at a hospital in
5:52 pm
tokyo. a former teacher says he's not done living yet. he wants to stick around quote at least another two years. the previous record holder by the way was an american who passed i was way in june also at the age much 111.
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5:55 pm
>> kardashian reveals her new dig. we countdown at the emmys and the nfl reportedly asked musicians to pay to play the super bowl. we're talking hollywood gossip with the intruders thee ya andrews joins us from la. >> chris, nfl supposedly wants the singers to contribute part of their post performance tour earnings or make a contribution to the league but the question tonight is should the stars pay to play? >> ♪ >> sometimes i like to pretend to be rhianna and so i'll come and be rhianna. ♪ >> but the big question now the nfl asking cato perry rhianna and cold play to pay for the super bowl half time show? >> ♪
5:56 pm
>> the nfl now is asking the super bowl half time performers to pay to be able to perform. wall street journal claims that bold suggestion got a chilly reception from the candidates reps while the inform fl tells us quote our only goal with the pepsi super bowl half time show to put on the best show for the millions of fans who watch. our contract arrangements with artists are confidential. plus robin williams remembered. >> certainly be something that will honor the work that robin did in television. >> host seth myers will turn to robin's dear friend billy crystal to offer a poignant tribute to robin during the live show monday on nbc and sarah will sing hercules in robin's memory. >> preps are on schedule. >> who did you call for advice and help? i know you have lot of funny friends. >> i talked to amy and tina, jimmy a lot of my old snl friends have hosted. they've been helpful. >> we're in the home stretch and things are coming together.
5:57 pm
>> kim and kanye knew neighbors. >> uh-huh. honey. >> when the newlyweds move in this $20 million estate in hidden hills they could have block party with jennifer low drake, leanne and emmy. >> just acquaint little place in the country. back to you. >> not bad neighborhood thee ya thank you very much. >> you can get much more of the day's entertainment news tonight on the insider that's at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00 o'clock. now at 6:00 the request for championship. the taney dragons get set to take the field. a win sends them to the u.s. championship game. "eyewitness news" is live in williamsport. walt? >> reporter: among the very first on the scene as philadelphia police officer is wounded a catholic priest right at his side throughout all of the frightening moments. he shares his story for the first time coming up. >> and a few showers moving back
5:58 pm
into the area after a stretch of nice dry weather. we will be tracking storms tonight, tomorrow and perhaps again on friday. i'll have all of the details coming up in weather. >> and the phillies wall of famer curt shilling opens up about his battle with cancer he makes an important announcement today about what caused it. "eyewitness news" starts right now. ♪ >> breaking news at 6:00 o'clock tonight. a car crashes through a restaurant. at least one person has been injured tonight. good evening, i'm chris may. jessica is off. well this crash happened at steve stein's famous deli and restaurant in the northeast about one hour ago. our jan carrabeo has arrived and life on the scene. ja inform washington do you know? >> reporter: well, chris we're not just talk bowing a car hit building here. this car is all the way inside of this deli and restaurant you can see it right behind behind me we're coming to the life from the 1600 block of grant avenue in northeast philadelphia where
5:59 pm
this car has gone completely into this restaurant. deli. that is steve stein's famous deli and restaurant. so it certainly is an impressive crash. fortunately there were no serious injuries here neither to the driver nor to the employees or the customers who were inside and i want to you take look at the front of this building. this deli and restaurant spans five areas here. and literally only spot this red car could have gone into is right where it happened. there are cinder blocks on front here and there's also these yellow pillars that would have blocked anyone else from driving in. so it went in to the spot where it could get into. it's unclear at this point whether the driver went in because he was parked and stepped on the gas got confused and went in or whether it was already driving and not parked yet. if you take look at chopper three over the scene a short tim ago. you can see another vantage point of this crash it happened right around 4:30 in the afternoon. we're told it's an 86 year old
6:00 pm
male driver who ended up in the middle again, of this deli and restaurant. there were 20 employees inside at the time. and fortunately none of those employees or customers in total 20 customers and employees in total none of them were injured. now the driver was by himself. he got out of the car and he made his way by paramedics to torresdale hospital with again no serious injuries. back here live on scene this is still a developing story. l andism is on seen to make sure


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